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Contract Assembly Services

Majestic Meridian provides comprehensive contract assembly services to streamline your manufacturing process and ensure efficient, high-quality assembly. Our services include:


Precision riveting to securely join components, commonly used in aerospace and automotive industries.

Nut Plates

Installation of nut plates for secure fastening and mounting in various applications, including aircraft interiors and structural assemblies


Application of sealants to ensure leak-proof and airtight seals in assemblies, crucial in automotive, marine, and aerospace industries.

Bearing Press

Bearing installation services to ensure proper alignment and functionality of bearings in machinery and equipment.

Washers, Bolts, and Screws

Accurate installation of washers, bolts, and screws for secure and reliable fastening in a wide range of applications.

Helicoil Installation

Expert helicoil installation to repair damaged threads and improve the durability of fastener connections

Our contract assembly services aim to optimize your manufacturing process, reduce labor costs, and ensure the integrity and functionality of your products. We are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective assembly solutions tailored to your specific needs.